Debt collection for private individuals

Debt collection 

An individual hardly knows how to deal with the debt collection issue. The cases are often very complicated, possibly to be addressed only with the support of adequate investigations.

Debt collection, here's what to do

When the debt collection is harder than expected, you can turn to Federalpol which can carry out investigations thanks a proven experience in the sector. Once in possession of the right information, the client can define the most appropriate modes of action to protect their interests.

File a lawsuit is not always the greatest thing to do

"Take civil proceedings for debt collection can be very expensive and, at the end of the procedure, you can run the risk of not being paid the due as the debtor is defaulting" - explain the executives of the investigation agencies of Sesto San Giovanni and Ascoli Piceno.

How does Federalpol work?

In these cases Federalpol private investigators task is to carry out accurate financial investigations and track down the debtor. These are just some of the services provided to facilitate debt collection. The agencies often conduct real assets investigations.

A reliable network of informants

"Private investigators are able to reconstruct the assets of the non-paying debtor by returning to the movable and immovable property. At the end of the research work, the required data are obtained by crossing official and unofficial information. Federalpol can integrate the information traced by its informants network to the information provided by the professionals which are obtained through direct connections with the CCIA, the Land Registry and he Conservatory of Notarial Acts. This information properly interpreted by private investigators, will allow to plan a successful strategy to quickly recover all or part of the credit and with no waste of time and energy.

Debt collection in short

  • Turning to a private investigator for debt collection investigations is useful to avoid filing lawsuits, with an uncertain results
  • Federalpol can trace the debtor's movable and immovable property
  • The investigation agency can effectively and reliability work, thanks to its informants network
  • The agency together with the client will make the most appropriate decisions to set up a strategy useful to raise all or part of the sum owed

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