Paternity test for individuals

Paternity test for individuals: when it has informative value

Paternity test for individuals: this is a pretty simple and affordable operation. With the deployment of modern technologies, long waiting time and procedures are avoided to analyse someone's DNA. Today it only involves taking a sample to obtain extremely accurate results. So why should an individual request a paternity test? The purpose in this case is just informative and aims to have the certainty of a paternity or to prove a biological relation.

Paternity test for individuals and its informative value

Anyone can turn to a laboratory or facility that provides paternity testing. However, this can be done for information only or with legal validity. The absolute test validity does not change: the procedure is actually the same and the results obtained will have equal value. The authorisation of the people on which the test is carried out is the only difference between the information and the legal test. In the second case, these subjects actually must issue the necessary signed authorizations and be aware of the purposes of taking the sample to perform the test. For minors, the consent of those who have parental authority will be necessary. The results can then be used by law firms in case of disputes.

Just deal with qualified professionals

"It is easy to understand that the informative paternity test has no legal value and therefore cannot be used before the Judge. Doesn't mean that it has less importance to execute the purposes set. We recommend be wary of low cost tests available on the internet and avoid to do it yourself. This test must always respect certain principles of transparency and ethics. We also recommend to take the paternity test seriously, by turning to professionals only and choosing specialists in the sector.

It defines the biological nature of the father

The paternity test for law firms, as well as the one for information, therefore allows to ascertain whether a man is actually the biological father of a child (and also of another adult). The text is based on some laws of nature: every human being has in fact half the genetic heritage of the mother and half of the father. By analysing the child's genetic profile and then comparing it with that of the parents, it is possible to understand whether the alleged father is actually the biological father.

Paternity test for private individuals in short

  • The paternity test for private individuals is different from that with legal validity, which is the only usable before a Court;
  • Mistrust low cost paternity tests available on the internet or home versions 
  • The test allows to ascertain the actual biological paternity

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