Tox screen

Tox screen, the right answer before the situation deteriorates 

Tox screen, this is where we start, when you fear that a family member has descented into addiction.

Tox screens to help a family member

When there's the suspect that a family member has descented into addiction of substances or alcohol, private investigators can work to verify whether the suspicion is justified. In this case tox screens are mandatory for a path that will end, if the results are positive, with a rehabilitation process.

An adequate hair sample is required

Today, to carry out a tox screen, a sample of hair is required to make it possible a proper check. Federalpol investigators, once the customer has been heard, are able to ask for an adequate quantity of capillary or hair tissue to be tested. The tox screen is a non-invasive investigation aimed to verify the presence of narcotics in the tissue, where the traces of active ingredients are evident for months. This is not the case with the urine, where narcotics rapidly dissolve

When to start doubting

Unfortunately, the signs of addiction initially appear insidiously: the subject seems to be more anxious than usual, showing signs of nervousness and short temper. As time goes by, there's also a certain unproductiveness at work or a decline of the academic performance. Finally, violent raptus apparently without reason can occur, and money might disappear from the bank account.  All this doesn't facilitate the family harmony up to make coexistence impossible. When you start doubting that a family member is addicted to a substance, it's therefore important to verify it in the best possible way, by turning to professionals able to perform tox screens.

The private investigator's advice 

The private investigators' advice can help understand what's happening. An investigations can actually help to find those people who have involved the subject in drugs, thus to intervene in a situation that could otherwise ripen towards tragic and unpredictable consequences. Get away from bad companies related to the drug world is crucial to start an adequate path of rehab. This will also restore peace and harmony amongst the family.

Tox screen in short

  • They are non-invasive
  • If carried out on an adequate hair sample, they allow to ascertain the actual use of substances during the previous months
  • They're carried out when you think that a family member is drug addicted 
  • They' re crucial to provide great safety and serenity to the whole family
  • They allow to get away from bad companies making possible a rehab process

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