Asset verifications for companies

What does "Asset verification" mean and what is it used for

Asset verifications: a sensitive issue that involves personal data. When you need to carry out an asset verification it is recommended to turn to professional private investigators, that know how to handle themselves, retrieving information according to the law. 

What are asset verifications?

Asset verifications are reports carried out with the sole aim to trace a company or a natural person's asset. Such reports contain a precise and detailed information on movable and immovable properties. This information comes from a detailed economic-financial investigation carried out by qualified professionals.

What are they used for?

Asset verifications are crucial in several cases. First of all they're useful before going to a lawyer to figure out if it'd be worth it. They're useful when deciding to take legal action against a company or a non-paying individual. It's important for the defence lawyer to know which assets can be claimed. Furthermore, being aware of the scope of the assets can be useful in the stage of debt recovery. It actually may prove advantageous for the debtor to pay the amount due, rather than going into foreclose

How does the private investigator work?

The private investigator must first of all identify all the immovable properties (land, houses, other buildings and all those immovable properties according to art.812 of the Civil Code) owned by the non-paying debtor, and then focuses on movable properties ( such as: money, jewels, energy, vehicles and other means of transport etc.). The living standards depend actually on the scope of such assets. To have a clearly defined framework of the actual situation, detailed financial investigations will be carried out by analysing the assets management (also for companies), participation in companies in Italy or abroad, the possession of luxury goods (cars, yacht etc.), and so on. After the required element are obtained, a report must be prepared and then submitted to the lawyer, which can use properly use it, according to the law in force.

Asset verification in short

  • They are aimed to quantify the assets of movable and immovable property of a non-paying debtor, whether a natural person or a company
  • The lawyer can use them to get the payment of a debt or the compensation for a damage, and whenever it is required and indispensable.
  • They make the recovery of debts easier
  • Since they involve personal data, they must be carried out by professionals able to work according to the laws in force

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