Employee absenteeism

Employee absenteeism, what the company can do

Work-related absenteeism is a very sensitive issue which is actually within the services range provided by an Investigation Agency. Let's start with the definition of absenteeism: it is a habitual pattern of absence from a duty or obligation without good reason. One thing is certain: an absentee employee is a pain in the neck for a company. Any possible side business is grounds for dismissal for good cause. Let's see what companies can do to face this common problem.

Employee absenteeism: from suspect to investigation

The concept of absenteeism involves a betrayal of trust by employee, which through his behaviour deprives the company of financial resources. The employer can turn to an Investigation Agency when suspects improper conduct. The aim is to investigate any possible side business.
Needless to say that the major cause of absenteeism is the matter of illness. The investigator can ensure that the illness is real and that nothing is done to affect or even slow down the recovery. It is essential to get from the investigation agency a detailed report with related unchallengeable evidence 

Termination for good cause

Now there's something that must be said. Work-related absenteeism can be grounds for dismissal for good cause. But the related regulation states that showing the unjustified absence is not enough to terminate the working relationship. It is necessary to demonstrate that the employee's behaviour was so serious as to damage the trusting with the employer.
However, back to the matter at hand: the trust. What can the company do? Turn to a private investigator to investigate and get up evidence to be submitted before the court. It is actually better if the agency involved makes use of the most modern equipment and has proved experience and competence in the sector. Despite the temptation, you should avoid to do-it yourself, because it is necessary to operate according the law in force.

Pay attention to behaviour

There are some specific factors that might plant a doubt. For example the systematic delay at workplace or the constant apply for special work permit for illness or accident or even recurrent absences. The last question: is the worker at home for the doctor's medical examination? Although the doubts persist, we recommend the employer to carefully listen to the other colleagues' view, trying to draw more information about the "suspect". It is advisable to turn now to an investigation agency

Employee absenteeism in short

A psycho-sociological phenomenon that occurs when a worker is absent from the workplace over an indefinite period of time, by his own will or for unjustified causes;
The main cause is illness. The company, helped by a private investigator can make sure the illness effectiveness of that no voluntary acts are not carried out to affect or slow healing 
For firing with just cause, the company must demonstrate that the employee's behaviour has been so serious as to damage the relationship of trust with the employer;
It is essential to get from the investigation agency a detailed report with related unchallengeable evidence;
There are some specific factors that might alert the company.

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