Environmental reclamations

Environmental reclamations: technical and investigative aspects

The professional's updating and competence are key factors in case of dealing with environmental reclamations
Why are environmental reclamation so important?
"How annoying is to find yourself spied on in your own office? Moreover, very small bugs and cameras are actually illegal, especially when have not been placed by the police. An environmental reclamation therefore, can help to identify any possible device, allowing the ""watched"" subject to press a charge.

Invisible high technology

The modern devices used to detect sounds and images within an environment are very small and sophisticated and definitely difficult to find. The solutions available are endless and there are also other options offered by radio remote control, or via the internet, which allow to hide microphones and cameras, making them invisible, also to a professional. In addition to the bugs, spy software, generally hidden in a phone app, or in the PC are also available. It is crucial to make use of the most qualified personnel to identify all these unauthorized devices: professionals must be able to detect any signal coming from such tools.

Environmental reclamations, a constantly evolving industry

Industrial and private espionage through unauthorized tools represents a constantly evolving issue. That's why those who suspect to be spied on, should turn to a trusted private investigation agency, able to operate through updated and qualified technicians. It's not just about having the right devices and technologies, it's also crucial knowing how to properly use them, helped also by the expertise on the field gained over time and the constant attention to all sector's innovations.

The most used devices 

Among the most used devices there are digital bugs, GSM bugs, micro cameras, wireless systems, laser systems, infrared and apps for smartphones or tablets. Analog devices are also very widespread. This shows how simple is to violate people's privacy, breaking the law. Environmental reclamation is therefore crucial when you really fear being spied on by someone. 
How does the private investigation agency must work?
First of all, the agency must be technically efficient and able to quickly carry out an environmental reclamation, thus to detect any possible spy device. Once this operation has been concluded, or even simultaneously, it's necessary to act from an investigative point of view, trying to figure out who's responsible for this illegal action and the reason thereof and the use of the data obtained, thus to turn an illegal action into a real weapon to be used to their advantage

Environmental reclamations

  • They're necessary in case of leak
  • They are used to detect illegal bugs and micro cameras, hidden in offices or environments
  • They help to jump-start a business harmed by competition
  • They must be carried out by qualified and updated personnel only
  • With the support of investigators, they can help to develop new strategies able to turn an illegal act into a real "weapon" (figuratively, obviously) to be used to their advantage

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