Asset verifications for law firms

Asset verifications: why choose Federalpol?

Asset verification are required also from law firms, which, actually decide to rely to qualified professionals, thus to avoid to personally make researches that, very often are time and energies demanding.

Asset verifications, detailed reports

Federalpol reports are prepared by qualified private investigators and experts in financial economics investigations. They are developed with the utmost care and actually contain a detailed information on movable and immovable property of a natural person or a company. They can also be related both on subjects resident on the national territory and abroad, according to need. The information contained in the documents issued to law firms is obtained according to existing law and properly verified.

Unofficial and official information

The information contained in the reports are both the unofficial - obtained by Federalpol collaborators network - and official ones, given by processing publicly available data. These are high reliable documents, used to analyse the balance sheet of the company or individuals. The expertise of its staff and the success over time, made Federalpol one of the best partner for the law firms, within its sector. 

Collaboration with law firms

A proved experience allows the qualified staff to work shoulder to shoulder with the lawyers, thus to totally customise the service offered. This valuable collaboration allow the law firm to make use of all the tools and elements necessary to best protect their clients before the Court. The reports customisation is actually an extra value, for this the agency staff is always available for the professionals to plan meetings and consultations in-house or even at other firms. 

Asset verifications on former spouses

This investigative area is well-developed by Federalpol. Given the increasing number of separations and divorces, the number of ex-spouses who suddenly cease to pay the alimony check is actually rising. The agency has therefore developed effective cutting-edge methods, that allow to carry out with great attention, any asset investigation on ex-spouses' movable or immovable property. Even in this case the collaboration with law firms is very important: working side by side it is possible to provide effective and complete documents, ready to be submitted before the Court.

Benefits for firms

  • Time and resources saving
  • Investigations carried out by competent professionals
  • Maximum reliability
  • Customised services according specific need
  • Availability for consultancy and synergies with law firms for the time needed

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