Forensic biology

Forensic biology, Federalpol Consultants alongside the operators

Federalpol can count on the collaboration of forensic biology experts, Consultants of the Court coming from different Carabinieri scientific investigation departments. These highly specialized professionals are able to carry out different tests, such as toxicological analyses or paternity tests, and to operate, in collaboration with law firms, on the crime scene, always according to the laws in force.

Forensic biology, maximum rely

Federalpol scientific staff ensures maximum reliability to law firms. This area is very sensitive: it's not just a matter of laboratory tests, but of knowing how to adequately act, collaborating with the Defence or the Civil Party, depending on the case. It is actually necessary to correctly know how to detect and preserve biological traces before the test, thus to avoid contamination. After getting the evidence is crucial to be able to interpret any possible result.

Experience and knowledge are key factors

"In the field of forensic biology and genetics, experience and professional competence are crucial. Without them it is not actually possible to make available to law firms everything they expect from the texts, which is, accusing or defensive evidence. Once the results of the evidence are obtained, forensic biology professionals must be able to interpret them by making comparisons with the suspect's profile and, possibly, based on statistical calculations. Once all the data have been collected and interpreted, the forensic biologist prepares a technical report which will be provided to the firm. If necessary, he will appear before the Court to provide clarifications on his work which only at this stage, becomes real evidence.

Toxicological tests

"Upon request, Federalpol biologists are available to carry out toxological tests to find out whether an individual uses drugs and / or alcohol. They are based on advanced protocols and allow to ascertain, starting from biological sampling (hair, saliva), any type of drugs or substance addiction. The results of the analysis will then be provided to the law firms to be used to protect their clients.

Paternity tests

The paternity test is also included in the field of forensic biology, and has the aim to verify the relatedness between two or more subjects

Forensic biology and Federalpol

  • Federalpol professionals support law firms by performing laboratory analysis and tests
  • They are able to correctly interpret the test results
  • They prepare accurate technical expert reports
  • All analyses are carried out by forensic biologists and Court consultants
  • Toxicological tests (including hair analysis) and paternity tests are carried out

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